“If It’s Inaccessible To The Poor It’s Neither Radical Nor Revolutionary.”

This is honestly my biggest problem with silicone valley and start-ups in general.

Cutting edge tech is cool and exciting but it's not a revolution until everyone can get at it.

@c0debabe see and also, bandwidth! 99% of the apps i have installed on my phone don't work on a train thru Germany, because bandwidth drops down to 2G, and latency to forever

@c0debabe I know, we'll just ads on it!


But that does seem to be the way they think...

@c0debabe "the future is here, it's just unevenly distributed"

Will be following you solely on the strength of this toot. 

I love the quote, where's it from?

I'm makes me think of how electricity only started to matter in rural Texas once the1938 REA made it available.

Also, howdy, I'd like to follow.

@Argus source is lost... Someone probably knows that speaker but it's not well recorded.

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