Online is real life.

In person is real life.

The difference is online is long-distance.

I know it's gonna be hard to drop IRL for in-person or off-line but there are good reasons to begin switching.

The two big ones are:

  • online relationships are real
  • online harassment is real

Do not underestimate the help or harm you do online.

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@c0debabe Additionally, I can think about the things I want to say for a lot longer than in real life. It´s a slower paced conversation and that suits me personally a lot better.

@FLauenroth heck yeah. It's great for people who need that extra bit if time to respond. I need it.

@c0debabe ohhh in-person and off-line are useable as fuck, i'm down

@c0debabe -nods- We've been using meatspace and cyberspace, ourselves, so as to emohasize that they're both spaces in which we exist.

@c0debabe Online and the internet are as real as snail mail.
@c0debabe Doesn't feel like it over here. Most people feel like electron ghosts to me. It also doesn't help that the vast majority of my interactions with people online are those who come to me for help with their issues. Sooooo, yeah.

@c0debabe some people use the term "away from keyboard" AFK
but I suppose it doesnt stick

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