@thegibson got my shirt, but people think it's related to rust... eww

re: USPOL/Hacking/Big News Day 

@thegibson I used to have literal nightmares about the CFAA

re: USPOL/Hacking/Big News Day 

@thegibson woah...

@maddiefuzz @thegibson Don't worry... I know where to find non digital strippers.

@thegibson well then... I expect more nudity and violence!

re: Furby horror 

@Medus4 got a cthulhu furby?

re: tech, masto, twitter, musk 

@vortex_egg nah... for most people that is indeed the right answer.

@thegibson Have too many shirts, so in general I prevent myself from buying any new ones.

Made an exception for this one.

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