I have concluded that every bit of documentation concerning ldap and or samba is incorrect.

@binder "Type and pray" was the only way I could ever get anything done with it.

LDAP is one helluva beast.

@thegibson @GeoffWozniak @binder yikes, flashbacks to integrating Linux servers into an AD environment using some horrifying Frankenstein's Monster of an LDAP proxy…

@GeoffWozniak I'm just trying to setup local auth for my cluster of raspis.

I setup federated kerberos and AFS in college and it wasn't this difficult.

@binder My memories come from interfacing with other people's installations.

@GeoffWozniak So
Canonica's docs for ubuntu server don't work.
The SAMBA docs don't work.
I even tried some random dude's post on medium and that didn't work.

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