You know the modern web is broken when you visit a website and are greeted with this text:

"You need to enable JavaScript to run this app."

Since when is a website an "app" and why do we need JavaScript to display plain text? The web should be for everyone.

Hey hackers. I'd asked about spam bots on here before - has anyone made one? I don't necessarily want to spread spam but am more curious about how it's done. For instance, if there are YouTube channels made just to share spam videos...

I'm only exaggerating the tiniest bit when I say I've been ready for quarantine my whole life. Now don't tell me I've nothing to do.

The Statler Brothers - "Flowers On the Wall"

part of the reason I got interested in this is that one of the sites I used to use was taken over by XRumer, I think. There were hundreds of spam accounts, spam posts, and spam comments that I don't think a human could've made in that amount of time.

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Capture the flag. Code-a-thon. You know. Gotta keep the hackers busy so they don't get in trouble. 😜

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I wonder if there's an app similar to XRumer for Linux. Note: I'm not a spammer, just someone who likes to experiment with programs like that. Really!

@thegibson I'm a little late to the party, but here's my work in progress:

Does everyone realize that @thegibson started the sticker war to be able to identify people at conferences like DefCon/BSides/BlackHat?

These stickers are a unique fingerprint that can be used at a later time to identify people from pictures and videos.

Come on people, practise good OPSEC.

Not really, I just don't have any good stickers on my laptops, so decided to be the killjoy.

Went to the store. Vastly amused that there's been a run on the essentials: Toilet paper, bread, and family planning products.

SECURITY ALERT - There is a malicious bot going around the fediverse at the moment. If you receive a message about canned meat, do not open it, it’s spam.

@bihashowlinked I've got a similar request but for an email account some years ago. It was a revenge driven request targeted at the owner of a loud and bothersome establishment next door to my acquaintance. I explained how these things go, phishing, access logs, traceability, covering your trail, and the legal consequences in case one gets caught. They thought better of it.

People see the tv shows and think it's easy, and they are not wrong, but it's less hacking magic and more social engineering. The hard part is not to get caught in the long run.

Sup fediverse,

My PR for @beehive made it into master \o/

Beehive now to supports a variety of new Actions & Events for the :mastodon: Mastodon hive.

You may want to check them out.

For instance, they'll say, "I want to hack Instagram," and what they probably mean is they want to crack an Instagram account. Know what I mean?

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My friend asked me for some "hacking tools" yesterday...not sure that's the term I would use. I recommended Fing, Maltego, and things like that. I think people need to be more specific about what they want to do, but they may not even know that.

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