@banjofox noooo.... my money... my free time...

that looks fun

@banjofox I'm glad I put the bit of scratch I could afford to towards studio monitors before I saw this.


totes :D

We could always do the free RE challenges on HitB

@banjofox Zachtronics games are awesome!!!!!!

have been playing TIS-100 lately and its great!!
@banjofox ah it can seem daunting... and may be it helps that im quite interested in assembly in general... but it is quite easy to get into

its just different from most games since it gives u like a 10 page user manual and says "heres how you play"


That's really cool :)

I am 100% into learning Assembly (for reverse-engineering purposes). Even tried to learn it once upon a long time ago haha :D

To be fair, I just looked at some screenshots ("emergency" work phone call -.-)

@banjofox ah just got into assembly recently and its rlly fun



Just finished the video (cause why would I watch that BEFORE responding :blobfoxfacepalm:​)

A lot of the commands DO seem ASM-like.
Not sure about JEZ tho...

@banjofox The *only* game where you must print zines to win.

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