Limited time offer!

Do you have a podcast?
Would you like it to be listed on the "Federated Podcast Network"?

Please send me your info, and I'll do the dirty work of getting it added :D

Checkout the homepage for ideas (RSS feed, Spotify Links, etc)


GitLab Source:

@banjofox I would love for my podcast to be listed everywhere it can be! :D

URL: (Many other URLs available on the site, too)
Tags: Science, History, Chemistry, Non-Fiction

If there's any other info you'd like, I'd be happy to provide it.


Any particular logo you want me to use?

I will scrounge for RSS feeds, and "where to listen" links while I'm at it :)


hahah :D

It wasn't -that- hard to find on your site, but having the links here was nice ;)


Should be updated momentarily.


My original template didn't have apple, google, or even an EMAIL link! *hand to forehead*

adding them for your podcast, it doesn;t look TOO bad visually so I updated the template x3

@banjofox that is so awesome, thank you very much! ❤️ I can also write up a shorter blurb if you like -- whatever is best for you. You're doing me the favor!

@banjofox I know where you got it! ;P I don't want to take up more than my fair share of space. How about:

We're exploring the culture and chemistry of the periodic table from Hydrogen to Oganesson. From the doctor who collected three hundred thousand baby teeth to Isaac Newton's secret career as a crime-fighting vigilante, there are incredible stories behind every atom. New episodes post every other Monday.

@banjofox haha fair! Thanks a ton though, I really appreciate it. I'll plug your podcast on my social media!


No worries. That's the whole POINT of the Network ;)


When I saw "Federated Podcast Network" I thought there was some sort of podcast hosting that was federated, perhaps to manage ratings & suggestions and such.

A touch disappointed. GPodder is still decent, though.


Podcast hosting which is federated would be ideal.

However, that is beyond the scope of my immediate plans.

As it stands now, I simply want to collaborate, and cross-promote podcasts which exist on the fediverse.

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