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I am sitting on the precipice of decision-making contemplating many a tangential thought, and trying to conjure adequate solutions for my future self to consider.

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Aardwolf-Social IS NOT RUST!! 


Rather than having a huge spiel about the project I am going to (try) to summarize a few things into bullet points.

Aardwolf is -NOT- Rust-lang.
- In the same way that "Mastodon" is not Ruby, Aardwolf is a web application which happens to have a Rust-lang backend :) (because reasons that are beyond the scope of this post.)

Aardwolf is not a MUD
- The best way to differentiate Aardwolf the social networking project from Aardwolf the MUD is to use "Aardwolf-Social" instead.

What Aardwolf Needs right now
- HTML/CSS Developers
- JS Developers ( preferred)
- Someone to help connect the HTML/CSS bits to the Rust bits (Currently using Rust Compiled TEmplates Ructe)

I want to end by throwing (yet another) thanks to @thegibson for giving a shoutout to during his portion of the talk on privacy.

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Me in a nutshell:

Sociable Plural Paranoid Conspiracy-realist

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“Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the Weather.”

― Bill Hicks

In BETTER news

I found a How to Basic video with the "Sshhhhh" in it.

So happy.



just... Dont

Oh right....

The endless notifications that are not possible to disable

ols is a distinguished technologist currently working as a Senior Platform Engineer at a global sports betting, gaming, and entertainment provider.

His topics of expertise include OpenBSD, automation, chaos and resilience engineering, Dungeons & Dragons, and Nerf warfare; he also takes an interest in security, privacy, opensource, decentralisation and federation, hardware hacking, and cyberdecks.

He is a strong proponent of open software and concepts, and the culture of hackers, makers, and breakers.

He has an optimistic vision of the future, and believes that technology has a major part to play in a positive future for the planet.

There was something about the Tusky interface I don't jive with, and I never remember what it is until I re-inatall it.

Will find out soon?

(Sent from Tusky)

sometimes I really hate how goddamn easy the FL studio demo song makes everything look :D

My sister is looking for experienced identity designers. If you a graphic designer with an online portfolio of logo and branding work, please DM me.

Related, my partner is finally convinced to join the fediverse and is looking for an instance to join. Recommended instances welcome. Her interests are:

- healthy living and regenerative practices
- communication and community building
- gratitude/win-win based societies
- nonviolence
- coaching
- magic, witchiness, and divination
- art, figure drawing, modeling
- solar, green, and environmentalism
- cats and other cute animals

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*eats Stroopwafels, and sets things on fire*

I'll come back later..

when Langolier time is over.

Firefox/GlitchSoc Discourse 


Honestly, I am not bothered enough to do any serious digging into the issue.

Its good to be mindful of, but -worst-case- I switch browsers hahah :D

*hand to forehead*


do you PINKY SWEAR I can add you to my Trusted Sites list?

I appear to be having problems with accessing htown content-.-

I'm sure this YouTuber is well known to EVERYONE ELSE

but SImone Giertz is awesome :D

recommendations for PLA?
need some 1.75MM for the new gift I order for mah wife



You should check out

They don't have a TON of modules (six), but they have a "LEDs & Germanium Diode OverDrive"

ALL of their modules are REASONABLY PRICED for what they are LOL

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