Sourcing Arduino Nano w/o headers 

I am looking for an Arduino -Nano- without pin headers.

The official shop has stopped carrying them, and i dont want to fight desoldering all the pins.

Clones are available, but Im hoping you all will have recommended vendors :)

I -could- get an official BLE version, but those have about 100 too many extra bits that will never get used.

Eurorack woes 

Soo.... I ordered the second (and only other) module I wanted from Arcaico.

However... I may have fu-cucked myself a bit. BOTH Modules are 50mm DEEP. My Erica Synths SKIFF, is maybe 60mm deep?

There's -very few- places where a 50mm deep module will fit, and the Invictus (Arcaico) is already in one of them. I'll probably have to get creative with placement, and its likely NOT going to be where I would -LIKE- things to be.



Good BOB-Almighty!

You've got one HELL of a modular rig there hahah :D

Me as recently as an hour ago: "Soon as the my Mouser order arrives, I should be ALL SET with Eurorack modules for a while."

Arcaico: "Black Friday Deals start NOW! As long as stocks last!"

Me now: FUCK!!!

Thoughts on LED caps (minimizing blending) 

I'm working on a module that has a faceplate which needs to be lit from the back.

Short of doing a re-design (which I'm starting to think is a GREAT idea -.-) I'm trying to find optimal ways of keeping the LED's only illuminating the part they're supposed to.

The attached photo is what the original designer came up with but didn't give hint about what they used.

I'm going to try with electrical tape, but since I gotta do 12 of the things, I'm not looking forward to the effort.

The next time I release a project that I want lots of people to see, I'm going to put a copy of it on a hard drive by itself, drop that drive from a great height onto a handful of etched vinyl platters, and then issue a press release:


p.s. that's not -my- copy, but I DO have one in new condition that I'm reasonably never going to use -.-

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Hrm... but do I -REASONABLY- think that someone would -pay- $975 for an original copy of Amber Diceless?

EDIT! --> Adding Screenshot to avoid link clicking

Future Me here is seriously banging my head against the wall about "cheeky" decisions that past me decided to make.

well now i'm REALLY REALLY confused...

- The FIRST copy I got --IS-- a 1st edition
- The SECOND copy I got is --NOT-- a 1st edition, and I was lied to


"Simple" Circuit building. 

Apparently its hard -.-

Also... Falstad browser test circuit editor is super unintuitive!!!

Question regarding Job Hunting for Programmers 

A few years ago, there was a site (or a few) of them that were like "OddJobs for Programmers".

By that I mean, folks that would post a job (typically one-off projects) with rates etc, and developers would apply to them. It seemed a great way to get started/make cash on the side.

However, I can't recall what in the heck the name was, nor can I find the search keys for locating them.

Any leads?

This Holiday Season, let's all give some love to these #retailers who are opting #NOT to be #open on #Thanksgiving, instead giving their employees the opportunity to enjoy the holiday at home, with their families:

Is it -worth- having an old cassette player repaired?


I bought a Marantz C-205 portable recorder, and I'm trying to figure out if its worth it to be serviced....

Remind me to never... ever.... buy another "tape" related anything -.-

(( selling the Marantz Superscope C-205 that i've had for a day because I took it apart, cleaned it, and decided the repair/refurbish effort was too high ))

Cassette Tapes 

Comment on Hackaday article:

"Who besides archivists and die-hard cassette nostalgists would buy a high-quality cassette deck? The format has about nothing to offer the modern music listener… besides hiss, flutter and stereo image instability. Unlike open-reel analog tape or vinyl, the analog cassette really has no virtues compared to the cheapest USB stick."

Me seeing "hiss, flutter, and stereo image instability".

Me: "Oh... so the -exact- reasons why I bought machines to restore? :P

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