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Pronouns: any

Founder of (WIP):
A fediverse-powered Facebook alternative.

Podcast: Let the Dice Roll
An irreverent podcast about social gaming

A Secret Member of the Super Secret Compettitor Organization to the Illuminati known as LAWL

Preferred Editor: nano

Project Architect, and occasional Project Implementer
InfoSec, OSCP, Coder, DIY Enthusiast

Ask Me Anything

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See... now that's a GOOOOD question..

I ahave been put to the shames.

@banjofox @drskrzyk The strongest steel is forged in the heart of a dumpster fire.

why the hell does H.Town NOT have a freaking Matrix chat room yet?

Find FREE older window apps, full op system releases. Mac, OS/2, more. 

Wow..... even -I- almost forgot that I helped architect a super-duper secure VPN-like protocol...


Hello new people

and new non-people

and the old ones too

and the young at heart

and the crotchety toddlers

and the crocheting -- um



i forget where i was going with this



I guess it's time-

I'm an audio engineer, multimedia developer, and occasional indie game dev- Previously employed by several research institutions in the field of accessible media / accessible research, currently looking for remote / semi-remote work for my incredibly niche skillset.

I'm in to Python, Rust, and Unity/C#, but I've got eyes on Elixir in the future.

I love hackathons, all things procedural, and anything with wheels.

I'm an absolute New Englander, but I've lived in Washington, California, China, and Spain. Currently based in Honolulu.

Here's what I've been making in between the twin existential ennuis of freelance work and trying to find a stable job:

Soo..... my laptop has NEW cracks in it, and makes a lot of plastic cracking noises when I open it.

Do they make replacement cases that I can move into? Everything else is so functional ;A;

ReToot a nice image and a good article found on the fedi...

OP by cypnk

"There’s a durability to older technology, aside from that capacitor debacle from the 90s. I wonder if older tech in some form will be one of few functioning remnants decades or a century from now

There’s a project called Collapse OS to “Bootstrap post-collapse technology”"

HAHAHA!!! I FOUND YOU @@tindall


How is it that we are not better aquainted? >.<!

not only do I remember you from Rust talks, but also SDF/HAM, and you even wrote a freaking TUTORIAL ON REVERSEENGINEERING!>!>!>!

Also hi.


Making the Fediverse more resistant to embrace, extend, extinguish 

I fucked up..... testing to see if the situation is in a recoverable state.

Throwing out an advert for my friends podcast .

It's a podcast about being an Emergency Medical Services professional in the US.

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