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BanjoFox. noun
An unusual type of cryptid which is believed to a conglomeration of other beings held together with various bits of tape, and controlled by an early Markov Bot Prototype.

The BanjoFox has not yet been scientifically identified, however legend has it has a particular affinity for gummy treats, and heavy metal music. Some legends also attribute the BanjoFox as having a weakness against Monster Girls.

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I am sitting on the precipice of decision-making contemplating many a tangential thought, and trying to conjure adequate solutions for my future self to consider.

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Aardwolf-Social IS NOT RUST!! 


Rather than having a huge spiel about the project I am going to (try) to summarize a few things into bullet points.

Aardwolf is -NOT- Rust-lang.
- In the same way that "Mastodon" is not Ruby, Aardwolf is a web application which happens to have a Rust-lang backend :) (because reasons that are beyond the scope of this post.)

Aardwolf is not a MUD
- The best way to differentiate Aardwolf the social networking project from Aardwolf the MUD is to use "Aardwolf-Social" instead.

What Aardwolf Needs right now
- HTML/CSS Developers
- JS Developers ( preferred)
- Someone to help connect the HTML/CSS bits to the Rust bits (Currently using Rust Compiled TEmplates Ructe)

I want to end by throwing (yet another) thanks to @thegibson for giving a shoutout to during his portion of the talk on privacy.

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Me in a nutshell:

Sociable Plural Paranoid Conspiracy-realist

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“Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the Weather.”

― Bill Hicks

Soo.... apparently...

there's a MULTIPLAYER text-based AI-powered dungeon simulator.

me: *Shares 'professional' looking list of hobbies for resume*
them: "God that makes you seem sane though"
me: :p

#circusInPlace will be us figuring out how much my hands/wrists can handle today as I continue recovering. Please come hang out with us and distract us from the things we can't do today!

Me: "I know what I wanna be for Halloween"
Them: " random for January but okay..."
Me: "Sexy Wendigo"
Them: "..."
Me: "..."
Them: "Your serious arent you..."
Me: "^_^"
Them: "You need help."

I hope all the SMART COMPUTER NERDS buying stonks today won't forget their favourite cyberpunk webcomic when they get to the MOON 😳👉 👈
and on a completely unrelated note, new page is up!

Might have to change my display name to "Rasputin"

cause goddamnit if $daygig isn't trying to intentionally murder me.


I may have accidentally micro dosed...

as in "no really. I did not intend on doing that, however the rote action..."


Guess we'll find out in a minute :D

I thought I had gloves up here..

welp... lemme grab those then




How the hell am I supposed to find stuff on a page updated after1994~?!!

Eeeeeeeeeeevil shenanagins 


-- Text version --
quixote@server:~$ sudo -s
[sudo] password for quixote:

ssh myremotehost -p 4165
login: mysupersecureusername

$ sudo -s
# *shenanagins*

I need to find an rpg group to play with.

I don’t want to run a game... I want to play.

Hacker Happy Hour 


I'm making the room

Grab a snack, grab a beverage, talk about whatevs!

I'm up for doing a on Jitsi.

anyone else wanna just hang out, shoot the shit, and enjoy a beverage/snack together?

fungal science - funny quote 

Just saw this on the forum

"believe it or not, us amateur mycologists are NOT the first people to ever pour agar: there is equipment actually made for this stuff!!"

Made me rofl

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