ADHD, Operating System, shitpost 

Revolutionary! Introducing : the ADHD process scheduling algorithm, with features such as :

  • Fast, repeated preemptive switching when tasks are remembered by the OS
  • Random discarding of tasks when the scheduler doesn't see them for long enough
  • "Focus" mode, where the scheduler focuses on one task for one to an indefinite amount of time quanta, disabling task switching altogether, as well as self maintenance routines (randomly enabled)
  • "Apprehensive stunlock" mode, where the scheduler, informed about an upcoming important task, prevents the scheduling of anything on the CPU to make sure you are ready when the big task happens
  • "Ugghhh" mode, where the scheduler just loses it and the list of ready processes becomes a blurry list and the priority field is ignored.

re: ADHD, Operating System, shitpost 

@_sharpLimefox this feels way too relatable

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