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dirty python 

f'{sum(map(ord, "SECRET-f")) * ord("Õ"):c}'

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alias 'docker ruin'='docker rm -f $(docker ps -a -q) && docker system prune --all'

Right now I use both, but mostly since the application ecosystems for each are very different.

ActivityPub apps don't really do private group messaging well - and Matrix apps don't really do publish-to-world (see: scream-into-void) social media stuff.

I wonder if Matrix's new Cerulean project will have any successs. It seems like that's the first serious attempt at doing a Matrix social media.

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I know they have a lot of similarities.. Federated architecture, using HTTP/JSON APIs, allowing user-defined event types.

My admittedly uneducated impression is that Matrix is more flexible than ActivityPub. Does it actually have the superset of ActivityPub's features? Hrmm

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Some day I want to do a detailed comparison between the ActivityPub and Matrix protocols.

I have a pretty good understanding of Matrix now, not nearly as much for ActivityPub.

Someone tell me all the good releases in 2020

I aready found out about Lobsterfight and Them Airs - what else am I missing out on?

Setting up a laptop which I can dedicate to doing video conference stuff.

I have like three different sound stacks on my Lemur Pro's NixOS install - and I just keep breaking stuff related to audio/video.

This shit just has to work for when I got to defend my BSc project on Tuesday.

Just saw a weird thing outside my window:

Someone dressed in a Santa Claus suit, walking next to a guy with a boom mic, and a police escort of 5-7 officers.

Santa clearly was being escorted, not repreimanded. I wonder what sort of weird dmeonstration that was supposed to be.

That's it! I handed in my bachelor's project.

Meaning I am (almost completely) done with my B.Sc. in Cyber Technology.

This is a really good feeling.
I think the report might be really good too.


My bachelor's project is due in 11 hours.
This is the final stretch.

I got this.

Alright christmas is officially cancelled - those I was going to visit for Christmas have COVID.

The first two people I told about this immediately invited me to come celebrate Christmas with their families. This warms my heart more than I can say.

I won't be going though. Meeting with more people isn't the way to defeat the monster that killed Christmas.

For a long time, I cited hamburgers as the reason that I found it hard to go vegetarian.

Now, I cite halloumi burgers as the reason I find it hard to go vegan.

I wonder what's next.

okay so my little sister is COVID positive - and I was with her the day that she (very very likely) got infected.

Getting a test tomorrow. Here's to self-isolating!

Curious about this, since I will soon be releasing a open source project to gitlab - and I've realized I "only" need 542 stars to make it onto the Most Stars page

I guess that's probably at least 2500 enthusiastic users though..

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I wonder what the actual ratio of users to Github/Gitlab stars is.

1:3? 1:10? 1:100?

Also I think the ratio is probably more extreme for Gitlab projects than Github.

Going over my bachelor's project with :set spell in vim.
Holy shit do I miss a lot of bad typos and brainfart spellings when I write without spellcheck.
...and to think how many pages I've written without spellcheck over the past five years... It's unnerving.

Space AI Blockchain Security.

Is this a random string of buzzwords I put together, or an actual project at my workplace?

I'll let you decide.

Sad to not see more hype about Chang'e 5.
People give a huge fuck about Crew-1, the SS8 high altitude test, and the Perseverence rover -but the first lunar sample return in 50 years? Very very little PR - in my media bubble anyway...

This is how the east/west divide manifests itself.

Either way: Way to go for the Chinese space program! So excited to see more moon missions!

so yeah im playing syperbunk
bretto good

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