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alias 'docker ruin'='docker rm -f $(docker ps -a -q) && docker system prune --all'

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dirty python 

f'{sum(map(ord, "SECRET-f")) * ord("Õ"):c}'

CTF 2020
Will bring a cool writeup about an unintended solution to a flag in the next couple of days

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We qualified for finals!!
Made 3rd place in Europe region.
12th place global out of 1214 teams.
Very satisfied with the effort.

This is "right anger bubble": 🗯️

LG tried to implement a "left anger bubble", but it was never Recommended for General Interface.


Look at this beautiful thing that showed up in my mailbox today 😽

When you said "Artificial Intelligence", did you really mean "Computer"?

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I'm being reminded of this because I'm looking at getting a new phone.

Right now it seems like the Fairphone 3 is the best buy I can make.

If anyone has specific suggestions, feel free to reply with suggestions!

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Ugh I miss my BlackBerry Priv.

It is pretty much the best phone form-factor I have ever used.

Only real drawback was that it was pretty much impossible to root, for "security reasons".

"Security reasons" seems like really bad reasons for not installing google-free android.

I wish somebody would make another Priv.

(Live from Mayhem in Copenhagen)

Jim Kimchi is playing the last set in a couple of minutes.
Expect glitch.

Moments before the general rehearsal of Kentaur - a ballet choreographed by software I wrote.

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Some of the #BornHack participants brought a warmed up Tor relay and configured it as an exit node on our network! Welcome to the tent floor exit node!

Just realizing now that custom ZWJ sequences are already a thing, and that
Cat \ZWJ Laptop is apparently "Hacker cat"

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I want to make a unicode font that can render non-standard ZWJ emoji sequences
Eggplant \ZWJ Flag
Ghost \ZWJ Dark skin tone
Snail \ZWJ Blond hair

Leaving for tomorrow morning.
So excited that the hacker camp is still happening this year.

Lets start populating these hashtags again!

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