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There's always a noisier keyboard...

For a while I was ashamed about my (not /too/ noisy) ergodox with mx clears in work environments - but in my new office there's two different guys with clicky switches.

I can get ever so mildly annoyed at the clacking - but mostly I'm just glad that I'm not the noisy one anymore.

Gonna take apart my X61 and replace the thermal paste in it.

Does it really need it? No.
Is it a comfy-tier saturday activity? Hell yeah.

Looking into decentralized media playback these days.
IPFS seems really promising. The difficult thing is really searching a media collection.

I wonder how feasible it would be to write a mopidy backend for IPFS..

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Kicking off in 13 hours if anyone wants to be my valentine and engage in a bit of friendly competition.

The thing the I don't get about polyamory is just how do they find the time?

I can barely fit casual monogamy in my schedule. Making and manging multiple relationships seems totally out of scope.

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"Where did you get that accent?"

"Eaton, old sausage."

"I'd stop eatin' old sausage if I were you."

- Milligan

Just migrated 15 services from (github & jenkins & self-hosted docker registry) to just (
It took like 1 hours to learn and a couple more to rewrite the CI files (syntax is Much better than Jenkinsfiles).

And now we have a full CI/CD pipeline again. In less than a day.

Literally took less time to migrate all those services than it has taken to set up individual services in jenkins before.

Yay for gitlab! Can recommend.

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GitHub? oh, you mean the Slytherin common room?

PSA @ #Matrix users

This facebook bridge is /way/ better than the other one.

I just set up a facebook bridge for myself, and it's actually a joy now.

Feels good to finally not have the FB Messenger app on my phone again. <3

Pretty impressed with this:

Local climate activists have figured out opening streetside advertising displays, to replaced whichever commercial ad with their own pro-civil-disobedience campaign.

The new poster is set up kind of janky. The background lighting is visible, and its just propped up with stickers (from a local activists group: "Børnemagt").

It's pretty succesful, too. I dont think most people have noticed that it's an "imposing" poster. This one just outside my apartment has been there for over a week.

It's definitely non-destructive entry - there's not a single scratch on the display. I'm wondering if they got hold of a key or learned to pick it.

Either way - good on them!

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Partial Matrix team heading back to London! Cheers 🍻 to an amazing #fosdem everyone!

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On the train going to #FOSDEM
Anyone else from htown going to be there?

Dicey Dungeons is actually a really good game.

Been playing it in the living room the past couple of days.
Whenever somebody comes by, they really quickly end up commentating and joining in.
5/5 social play.

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