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looking for laptop recommendations 

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Here's a true story for you, lads. About 13 years ago I stole a girl from a haskell developer. Apparently, we should have used protection and she should have had herself checked because I got infected with FP, and now I see monads everywhere. Keep yourselves safe, use protection when having sex.

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Update: we listened to /a lot/ of Rick Astley...

One guy figured it pretty quickly, but didnt abuse it or tell anyone (other than me). After a while a couple more people caught on and Mr. Astley was inbound.

Maybe people were slow to figure it out, maybe it just took them getting really drunk to abuse it.

Either way i think we heard that fucking song 200 times this saturday.

Eh - all in all it was a 5/5 party. Acceptable.

Pomodoro system?
So you mean "smoking habit"?

keep those filthy _s away from my errs

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⚠️ The Fediverse has been scraped, again ⚠️

Almost six million posts from 363 instances have been scraped.

"All the posts with public visibility published by users hosted on Mastodon servers [...] which support the English language" have been scraped along with their metadata, and the "policy, the code of conduct and the prohibited contents of each instance".

The dataset is an attempt at creating an open dataset for "research" into algorithms like the ones Facebook uses to identify problematic content, based around users' use of Content Warnings.

The dataset can be found here:

It was created by the University of Milan, Italy, apparently for the 13th AAAI:

The associated publishing: or or DM me for a copy.

Related dataset:

Original post: @tastytea

#FediAdmin #MastoAdmin #MastoDev #Privacy #OpSec #Warning #Fediverse #Mastodon #Scraping

Question is not whether the thing will be abused, but how long before it is..

My bet: Rock Astley has 1337 votes within the first hour.

Am hosting a party tonight so I wrote a small web front-end for Mopidy, that never skips songs and only lets attendees vote on which song to play next.

Basically a playlist that sorts based on votes.

Thing is: I also invited all my hacker friends - and while my system is not bad, I can think of a way or two to get multiple votes per song...

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these notes were all left near various elevators at the Wynn in Vegas. someone at CES has a great sense of humor 😂


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Call to all 💾 ppl:
Lets stop speaking in contrived analogies.
I think its in most cases much clearer to just talk about the thing.
It should be a goal that non-💾-ppl have a rough understanding of what words like "server" and "protocol" mean, so they dont have to deal with conflicting stories about languages and restaurants.

Non-💾-people are super confused about 💾 basics because 💾-people only speak about 💾 in contrived analogies because people don't get educated in 💾 basics.

Wait what
Just found a markdown setting in settings/other

for _ in range(10):

(Yes this is way overkill for the scope of the course but we bet a crate of beer against a TA that we could do it in two weeks. So now we have to. 🤖)​

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