A user experience with FLOSS video conferencing:

"I've tried Jitsi Meet and found it to be smooth."

"Onboarding: Jitsi: Click a URL. No accounts. Hangouts: Google account. Need to individually invite other Google accounts.

Video Quality: Jitsi: Decent, slightly better than hangouts. Hangouts: Passable but grainy."

"Conclusion: Friends preferred Hangouts.

It's quite disheartening..."


@MatejLach Yeah, the other day I sent an email to my colleague, going through some options for video conferencing, mentioning Jitsi as the easy and free option.

The next day, a colleague sent another email, not even an answer to my compilation, like the email I sent does not exists, saying “Let’s all use Hangouts! It does not work properly on the professionnal laptop, but I can try my personal one”.

Disheartening is the word, really.

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