You may think watching TV is an innocuous pastime.
And telling people to watch less TV must certainly be one of the most unpopular messages ever.

Nevertheless, people should be aware that the contributions to CO2 emissions (and so to global warming) from internet TV and video are already larger than those from flying.
And while emissions from flying are only set to grow slowly, those from internet TV and video are rising rapidly.

This is all down to more and more people watching more and more TV and video at higher and higher resolutions.
And it is entirely unsustainable.


@wim_v12e I’m all for reducing TV consumption, but can you tell me a source for that claim that streaming is outputting more CO2 than flying? That is a really surprising statement to me, and after some brief searching I can’t find something to that fact.

@wim_v12e @chorist If I mathed correctly, 2% vs 2.87%?

But that’s still so much smaller a category than other problem areas

@antijingoist @chorist Of course it is, and I didn't claim otherwise. But with the projected growth, computing alone is enough to make us miss all climate targets in 2 decades from now, and video is the majority of that.
For the discussion of the growth, and more references, see

and also the paper linked in the thread


@wim_v12e @chorist
“Taking into account the carbon cost of both operation and production, computing would be responsible for 10 GtCO₂e by 2040, almost 80% of the acceptable CO₂ emissions budget”


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