I canceled the appeal and just deleted it because whatever, but now I'm banned for 12 hours because "memphis"

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@antijingoist I posted the confused Gandalf... so no OCR detection is in place apparently.

@thegibson @antijingoist I wonder if Sweet Home Alabama is banned because it exposes the political leanings of the town of birmingham, who love the governor.

@docskrzyk @antijingoist I just pinged mudge about it... we'll see if he answers with the word in question.

@thegibson @antijingoist Goddamn I hope it's some weird anti-mason conspiracy.

@antijingoist @thegibson Either way I'm looking forward to their explanation and/or apology (though most likely a non-apology) for fuzzing me out for mentioning a publically known place name.

I can see some spin coming that it was a bad configuration setting or aggressive filtering to protect users. I see the latter as something applaudable in theory, but botch execution if that's the case.

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