I can still vividly recall the smells of fresh-baked bread, coffee, tea, and books. The noise of four or five people in relative close proximity, reading their own books, thumbing through notes, jotting down their own stories.

Though my past has been rather crappy, it is the memories like this that have the strongest impact on me.

I miss the cosiness of closeness with others who were doing similar things. No technology but books, pens, pencils, paper. Just hot drinks, fresh bread, and good company.

When I lived in a commune, we had a shared library. In order to take a book from it to read, you had to bring another book to keep its spot warm. You could take the book back when you returned the one you borrowed, but nobody really did that.

The size of the book room was monstrous, and I am still angry that the government bent the law for a rich asshole, to get us evicted in an illegal timeframe, so he could sell the building we were lawfully renting from him.

I aspire to live where a shared library like that exists again.

I want to find/make some better bookshelves. The ones we have are not very conducive to easy picking of a book to peruse. They also have awkward drawers on the bottom and require to be set to a corner.

It is kinda surreal to be awake at this hour. Usually the town is a sleepy, quiet place, when I'm awake.

Coffee acquired. It is a beautiful warmth.

I blocked a lot of time out for this server migration and I'm already done.

The longest part was waiting for nameserver propagation.

Now.... I don't know what to do. Perhaps nap?

Perhaps have that second cup of coffee that I never had?

I feel kinda lost.

"Scrape me, Daddy" is the perfect title to my pseudo-fictional autobiography.

DNS changeover is a horrid game of hurry-and-wait.

I know I'm guilty of this as well but we all really need to get on our game when it comes including sources in our statements involving any statistics.

Huomenta ystäväni. Älä työskentele liian kovasti!

Getting used to Windows has been less painful than I had imagined.

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