This latest Darknet Diaries is the story we’ve all been waiting for.

The CoalFire Pentesters speak.

i think the one thing that the fediverse has really opened me up to is people who have been using free software for far longer than me

without me being in this community, i don't think i would have learned about all the stories the wiser people than me have told

i really, really appreciate being in the free software community. i have learned so much. i want to keep learning from my elders :-)

Also "gas fees" seem like straight extortion, given how absurdly high they can be.

Ahaha, no thanks.

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Pay to breed,
Pay to sell,
Pay to buy,
No actual game mechanics.

Basically, CryptoKitties is BeastKeeper, without the actual game parts, and a whole lot more transactions on a merkle tree.

must be embarrassing to have designed a security chip that's been on the market for 5 years and then when people finally start pentesting it, the secrets come leaking out all the side channels they neglected to check :picardfacepalm:

:chick_aww:​ I have created a pleroma emoji pack of the chick emoji that @pollomostro has created!

You can get it here:

Pollomostro's patreon:


Person who wrecked my last server was scared shitless to find out that they had tampered with business assets, on top of being malicious to a single person.

Sometimes, I really, really enjoy watching people squirm.

You can't stop the download, server admin:

wget https://some.tld/image.ext
403 forbidden

curl -O https://some.tld/image.ext

Playing around with some cryptocurrency and holy shit why do people think it's okay not only to track everything you do, but pay for every step of the way :')

I accidentally coded until 3am.

Good night.

I keep seeing of you out there messing with the #pinephone

Thinking I may have to get in on that action.

What is your favourite monospace / terminal font?

@steph convinced me to give Arch a try and so far I'm loving it.

I said I would not work.

I worked all day.

I am now a pile of grumpy.

Or... or not. I am constantly having to fight with gnome.

I do not want

Feels kinda awkward using Pop!_OS after being used to gentoo+kde for so long.

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