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My GamePad (wolverine v2) β€˜A’ button didn’t survived to 5 month of moderate playing. Done some research, seem to be a nightmare to dismount and no spare parts sold on their web site … but I may try if contact with their support fail.
So I switched to a lot cheaper solution : the PowerA Fusion Pro 2, it seem to feel robust and easier to dismount. Of course I switched the rings and add caps to have more green πŸ˜…

I rearranged the front panel of my old desktop PC rack case. I can now easily add 4 hot plug SATA drives (3x2.5” + 1x3.5”).
Still also have USB ports and memory cards slots (switched emplacement for better access).
And testing a fresh @EndeavourOS install (clean and easy Arch πŸ˜‡).

I visited my local electronics store and back with some @adafruit stuff to keep me busy for the upcoming holidays and rainy weekends πŸ˜‡

I updated some my external USB SSD Linux boot. Actually running on my MacBook Pro 2012 : blackarchlinux / ratpoison, kitty, emacs, bpytop, mpv (to listen somafm), cava / wtfutil, firefox, pcmanfm

Power outage tonight, my entire neighborhood has been off for over an hour and is expected to last until 3am. But it could be worse: still have a weak 3G signal to connect πŸ˜…
All the USB power banks I have at home will come in handyπŸ˜‡

It's not even an April Fool's joke. Our first day of snow in a very long time here in Paris πŸ˜‚

New mobile workstation?
No, it's just me nostalgic for the 90s who installed the window manager on his running BlackArch Linux πŸ˜‚

Tonight I will be back having fun photographing and meeting friends at concert and night party at Paris. After several years of Covid restrictions, time to live some before something worst prevent us …

I thought this whole crazy time was part of my childhood … but sadly, this song has never been so relevant.

Sting - Russians

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Look like the eGPU on my GPD Win3 work fine on Linux too πŸ˜‡

Boosted my GPD Win3 with an eGPU (Razer core X Chroma + Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti).
I now have more power when docking my at home πŸ˜…

3rd shot πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰
For now all going fine but my mobile network coverage still suck.

How do I make my feel bigger? Compare it with the @adafruit πŸ˜…
But yes, they are not the same specifications and priceπŸ˜‡

After some fun with the soldering iron, it shrinks a bit… @arturo182’s Serpente R2 on a protoboard, and everything works as expected πŸ˜…
Next step will be to improve the @CircuitPython code πŸ˜‡

Not a USB Rubber Ducky, but this R2 (@arturo182) running & some HID programming should do the job with 2 Push button + a x4 DIP switch to select Payload.
Will be easy to keep it tiny by soldering all on a small piece of protoboard 😎

Several years ago I came across these 2 cute Arduino badges from at a local electronics store in Paris ( ).
It was the last ones, I couldn't resist buying both 😊😊

Happiness in my mailbox Again : some new stickers sent by cool guy in the USA πŸ˜‡

More stickers sent from Twitter friend from the USA πŸ˜‡

Upgraded () to Revision 2. Upgraded to 7.1 on my two ( ) and updated/fixed my old code from 6.3.
I will put one (and a ) in my backpack … ready for vacation πŸ˜‡

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