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I think my two Pro are now customized enough.
Keycaps from different sources (PFU, Domikey and others).
Cables from

Always nice to have some fun with @CircuitPython and @adafruit Hallowing M4 + AirLift WiFi 😎

I took transportations to reach center of Paris this afternoon. I’m still feeling in 😷
But weird to see 🤪without mask or left on their neck ... while wearing a mask is now required at Paris (both in transportation and in the street).

Nostalgia from the old days I was using from an old VT terminal with amber monitor inspired my keycaps change 😎

If you have problem login on @blackarchlinux after a recent brutal ‘blackarch-upgrade’ and reboot :
use your live install to mount your partions and ‘arch-chroot’ on it. Then go into /etc/pam.d/ you may find a system-login.pacnew to merge or replace your system-login file. 😎

Good surprise in mailbox, it’s finally here ... always some lag from France 😅
Thanks again @defcon for this 😇

My first @defcon ... in safe mode and from vacation location. Multitasking & trying to follow what happening on , , and doing my own stuff on my servers with 3G. , , ... and some smartphone & keys 😅

Started listening last night and reading messages on discord server. Found some space in my backpack for my badge + AirLif WiFi featherwing to have fun during my vacation.

First time out for work this week since beginning of confinement.
Spent Tuesday alone at work fixing computers. Time to download updated OS images from a better Internet connection 📡💫🛰
But I will continue and avoiding public transportation 🚉🦠😷🦠
(Yes, need air cut 😎)

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MNT Reform (open hardware laptop) campaign is live:

And here's the Launch Announcement:

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported us to make this happen.

‪Soldering meditation time end while the sun and weekend disappear 😇‬
‪@adafruit and @pimoroni feathers ...‬

Was time to update some my @wtfutil config 🦠😷🦠

My minimalistic system (no 3D printer nor extra maker talents needed) : an old lite 2, a 4, SmartiPi Touch 2 case, 7” LCD screen and some extra hinges and stickers 😅:

If you are curious about music band we have here at Paris in France ...
My friends from Shaârghot ! It’s dark, industrial and cyberpunk. Their videos are crazy, and it’s a pleasure to see them live in concert 👁🎶

Done some backups last week (the good old way : tar & ssh). Was time to delete old Debian 4 and Windows XP and reinstall an this old laptop:
i386 32b ISO burned and fresh @debian Buster install done tonight on my 18 years old Sony Pentium 4 M / 1GB RAM. Customized as usual with , window manager, @emacs ... 😇
This 4/3 16“ (1600x1200) laptop still look great under Linux.

It's : is often the only way to recover from hardware issue, system crash, virus or ransomware. Will be even more helpful if you without the physical presence of your IT team. So please backup at least your most important files on USB or Cloud drive.

I don't have tattoos yet, but I put photos of my Laptops full of stickers somewhere on my website 😅​ :

‪My turn to activate this tag. This evening I leave workplace for some days, weeks or more ... I will miss the good internet access, but all I need to work is already in my everyday @511Tactical Rush 24 backpack. And I’m prepared to the worst with this patch 😂‬

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