@alx daaaaamn they're so beautiful, i want some 🥺

@alx hahah so cute, i read it doesn't attempt to crack the pcaps? it just collects for later brute force?

@m0lly yes, they are also a plug-in about this if I remember well.
On my side I had it only collecting datas, being cute and had fun sending messages also, but nobody sent him a message recently 😅

@m0lly haha 😂
I feel I will have to build a second one to made him meet a friend 😅

@alx it’s crazy how much of the useful wireless spectrum is covered by these two devices. So awesome 🤩

@ArtifexUmbra yes, and may be able to extend some via the GPiO.
The Flipper Dev board have WiFi and normally used for debug with black magic. But I suppose some will find another use 😅

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