My PowerBook G4 is from 2005. But still have an up-to-date OS. I updated to 7.1, latest version of my config files as well (same as on my other *BSD and Linux systems).
It doesn't have a modern web browser, but emacs and a script to listen to is all I need 😇

@theruran Usually I use ‘kitty’ but not available on macppc port so I use ‘sakura’ on this machine.
My ratpoison config file use a launch script that find by itself what terminal is available on the machine : kitty, sakura, alacritty, terminator, st, rxvt, xterm. This way it work at best everywhere 😇

@alx this is pretty slick! good to see some old Apple hardware doin' work.

@alx I have an old PowerBook G4 from a friend and was thinking of putting a PPC Linux or something on it to try to do a retro challenge.
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