It was time to update my laptop stickers page…
Yes, never enough laptops, because more space is needed for more stickers 😂

Thanks again to all friends for the stickers 😇 @Medus4 @1dark1 @JeremySCook @adafruit @pimoroni @protonmail

@alx Aside from the stickers (Tachikoma yay :blobcat: ):
I need that laptop-ish portable mainframe. Or build it myself. Or both.

@wakame if it’s about the Getac rugged laptop, you can find lot of used ones on eBay and other place. Some are in god state like mine, some seem to be back from war zones but can source of useful parts to build one 😅
You can also build something different from cheap pelican clone case or your own design.

@alx I thought about something that looks similar to the parts of that ruggedized laptop: Like a modular design, held together by screws, that could be built slightly larger or smaller so you can add stuff from other laptops or custom hardware.

Had a look at the Getac laptops, also on eBay. I think I know what I will be doing in the coming weeks :blobcatgiggle:

From a recycle/upcycle perspective: Modular laptop frames would generally be neat.

@wakame I’m impatient to see the result of your work for this project 😇
I’m really bored of modern laptops, and prefer something modular with real keyboard (I’m really used typing on my HHKB).
What’s great on this Getac V110 is you can put the screen on tablet mode. So at home when on my desk I use that mode with my HHKB. Same as with iPad Pro.

@thegibson yes for sure, cool stickers and customized user interface and system help to boost our CyberDecks 😇

@thegibson sometime the chalenge is to find small stickers. I had really few choice for the GPD Win 3, I end also using small from @pimoroni that I cut in 2 for some 😅

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