Leeloo Dallas MULTiPASS 😂

Look like I have lot of old PC Cards …

@alx I recognize a few of those. As in, I either use to have them, or possibly still do somewhere.

@alx My collection is much more limited (though I have two more network cards which are currently plugged in to some system, and I'm pretty certain I should have one more Wi-Fi card).

@galaxis The orinoco was infamous for wardriving. I remember that shit. :D

(I notice the ISDN one is also a PC-Card, so the image description is wrong. Oh well, not editing for that.)

@galaxis I have some more in old laptops and in my HP200LX.
My Getac is also compatible with the smallest ones ( PC Express 34 ), I actually use one that allow to read multi format of memory cards.

@alx ...found some more. All PCMCIA, since I'd been using them with the z50.

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