My GamePad (wolverine v2) ‘A’ button didn’t survived to 5 month of moderate playing. Done some research, seem to be a nightmare to dismount and no spare parts sold on their web site … but I may try if contact with their support fail.
So I switched to a lot cheaper solution : the PowerA Fusion Pro 2, it seem to feel robust and easier to dismount. Of course I switched the rings and add caps to have more green 😅


Happy Ending : I spend some time with support, after some verification they asked me to sabotage the Device so they can send me a new one (I had to cut some cables and serial stickers).
I received the replacement device this morning, was sent from China, seem to be a all new device ✨👍.
So I will keep the old one for parts if need it in future, or try to repair it (but it will not look the same as we have to remove the grips and some glued parts to get access to internals).
I hope companies will work to have easier to repair devices in future. Save the planet !

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