Almost 20 year old PowerBook G4 running last version of or new GPD Win 3 running BlackArch Linux : both with same environment and config files : , , to listen , terminal, 😎

@alx curious if you're able to use any modern browser on that. My iBook G4 with OpenBSD doesn't see much use for its lack of a good browser

@ed1conf I use links or emacs for the web on this computer … But yes modern browser choice is the main problem on openBSD Mac PowerPC ports 😵‍💫
I tested NetSurf but didn’t work on all website.
I have to check if they is some improvement on 7.0

@alx I've found that dillo works hits a nice medium as a lightweight GUI browser for sites that don't require JS. But for those that do, it's still a sad story. :flan_sad:

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