Finally upgraded 2015 to 2021, and already full of stickers 😎
Will continue to use it with my Pro Hybrid (I’m not fan of Apple keyboard). All should run lot faster with the M1, and USB-C/Thunderbolt will be lot better than lighting.

@antijingoist @thegibson This is Blink Shell, Connected with mosh/ssh to another computer running tmux, emacs, and htop on this photo.
But you can also use the App ‘iSH’ : it run Alpine Linux on a VM locally on the iPad.

@antijingoist @thegibson Well, it can look almost as cool. Here is a screenshot I just done ​:AngelDevil:
You just have to run tmux, emacs and other stuff on it too …

It's remote ssh / tmux or other fun linux accomplishment?

@wallace Yes it’s Blink Shell App connected with mosh/ssh to a server running a tmux session.
But another App : iSH allow to run Linux locally on the iPad, it emulate a PC running Alpine Linux (it allow to install packages). It was a little slow on the old
iPad, but run better on the new one.

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