Was time to do some cleaning on my desk. I removed some keyboards and added a KVM (USB & HDMI) to allow my Pro Hybrid to take control of more computers (5 USB + 4 Bluetooth devices).
Of course they are more computers hidden under the desk 😎

@alx I love your desk's actual desktop. Is that an LCD or a printed image?

@drwho if you are talking about the thing under the keyboard … it’s a giant mouse pad, with matrix glitch printed on it. It match well my favorites color theme (black and green) 😇

Left bottom : it’s a RaspberryPi 4 in a pelicase clone, some kind of cyberdeck, actually testing Alpine Linux.
Left top : my work Laptop (MacBook Pro 2018), so my main computer during my work day from home.
Middle Bottom : my iPadPro 2015, it’s nice to keep an eyes on social network during work time, but also to connect to servers with ssh/mosh & tmux (with Blink Shell App).
Middle top : my 27” main screen connected to the KVM.
Right bottom : my little GPD Pocket PC

@alx @dualhammers
Right Middle : the KVM and severals small board computers : Jetson Nano, RaspberryPi 4, and some Zero.
Hidden behind the 27” screen : a MacPro 2013 connected to the external Disks (used to store and edit my concert and night life photography).
On top external disk on right : a little PiZero
Hidden under the desk : my main desktop PC inside a 19” server case, 3 older desktop PC, a Power Mac G4, an old 8bit computer and the network switch x16 Ethernet Ports

@alx wow. It seems overwhelming to me. I would be bouncing all over the place

@alx nice, do I see a lil DIY cyberdeck at the lower left there?

@amatecha No, this little computer is a GPD Micro PC : a Pocket PC with an Intel quad core inside, 8GB RAM, M2 SSD (I replaced the original one with 512GB). It come with Windows 10 Pro, but I installed Black Arch Linux as main OS + Windows on dual boot.
It’s great because it fit in my pants pocket, and have all the ports I need : USB, USB-C, HDMI, micro-SD and even an RS232 serial port 😅
I have more information here :

@alx Aahh, nice! I remember that first “GPD Pocket Mini” a few years ago, but I didn’t know they kept making newer mini PCs! that’s awesome, this one seems much more modern. Thanks for the info!

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