Finally cleaned my desk ... certainly not my final setup, but a good start 😎

@sirmacik not a WM but tmux 😅
But on my Unix system I use ratpoison with almost same keystrokes setup than on tmux.
The MacBook Pro 17” on left have dead AMD GPU but successfully forced it to use the Intel GPU and run BlackArch Linux : ratpoison here.
On Main screen what you see is Termius running on macOS, connected to a remote server with tmux. but I like to use Alacrity too.
small left screen : ratpoison / Arm Arch.
Small right : ratpoison / Kali Arm.
iPad Pro / tmux

@alx thanks for the details! That's pretty impressive setup. Been using ratpoison years ago, than liked stumpwm a little more but finally settled for gnome. What do you use all those devices for?

@sirmacik The Mac Pro 2013 (behind screen) and all the External Hard disk you see are mostly used for my Photography editing. I keep Windows 10 Pro on the big PC for games (under desk). SysAdmin and coding on every devices : Severals Linux distributions on PC/Mac/Arm small board computers. But Also OpenBSD, MacOS, Windows. I code some also on micro controllers (mostly in CircuitPython), so my soldering iron is not far too). Still have some PowerPC and old 80’s computers also

@alx thanks for all the info, that sound really awesome

@alx I wish my desk was clean enough to share a picture of it. Apparently that desire is not strong enough to clean the papers with confidential information on them, and the various items that don't have a place yet, and thus can't be "put away" (by definition). #SomedayMaybe

@adam I still have lot to clean but not visible on the photos.
I have severals computers and network switches hidden under the desk, and lot of stuff all around that I moved out of the desk 😅
But will try to take care of that another weekend.

@alx oh, that's a fun idea: take a picture of the bottom of my desk instead of the top. That has a network switch and power distribution. Next time I'm between projects I might do this.

@alx this amount of keyboards makes me uncomfortable 😬

@yakub the number of computers hidden under the desk may too 😅
I still have some cleaning to do under the desk.

@alx I just realized can't even tell how many devices these displays are hooked up to and which keyboard is used for what. Your workstation has a real "mad hacker" vibe.

@yakub setup not finalized and will maybe never. The laptops come and go depending of the needs. I will remove the laptop this evening and put in place another RaspberryPi project in a small pelicase clone to experiment some hardware.
I have also a bigger pelican case that will be more some kind of labs, it should fit here too, but actually in the living room with my work laptop.

@alx the current version looks much more comfortable to use. I'm not a fan of having too many separate devices, sometimes just two screens and a few too many applications opened are enough to make it mentally exhausting to move around.

@yakub yes my main big screen is shared mostly between a MacPro and a black 3U server rack PC (still same case than 20 years ago, but with different hardware inside).
I do also my photography editing on that 27” screen (on the Mac Pro hidden behind the screen).
For coding / sysadmin most is done on tmux remotely, and the iPad Pro with the right keyboard do a great terminal for that. That’s why I didn’t used much that desk recently, most was done remotely from the living room 😅

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