If I can get my head in the right space I should have a public api for the thing I've been working on in a few weeks.

Also, as someone who used vim for 8 years, doom emacs is _so good_ and well worth a try, spacemacs is really, really bad in comparison.

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Happy to announce that the vulnerability has been fixed as of yesterday!

Thank you so much to everyone who boosted, favourited, and replied :)

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re: personal, coding-related, uhhh idk 

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re: personal, coding-related, uhhh idk 

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personal, coding-related, uhhh idk 

Hey folks! I'm downloading Riot. Should I join the matrix.org server or another one? Is there a latency attached to information propagation across different servers that would make a smaller server more convenient?

"Access to better and more detailed information does not always result in better decision making"


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I'm reminded of the article I recently read about meaningless corporatespeak 👀 

so currently I'm uhhh downloading random packages from archive.ubuntu to plug dependency problems because ubuntu is one of the worst linux distributions ever made apparently.

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Uhhhh anyone here have any idea how to join the hackers.town folding@home instance? Or just join folding@home from my phone? It spends a lot of time idle, same w my computer

Pandemic, handwashing meme, Macbeth 

ANY assistance by people versed in vulnerability disclosure would be GREATLY appreciated

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PLEASE BOOST FOR VISIBILITY (reposting on this account too)

HACKERS: I have a request

A notable, widely-used dating app I've been reverse engineering exposes user's postcodes, addresses, and google placeid via the public feed, meaning anyone can find anyone's location.

This is disastrous as the app caters exclusively to LGBTQIIA people, potentially exposing them to harassment.

I have been working on a python API for this application, and I would like to release it into the open.

I have contact the staff and while they state they will respond in 72 hours, it has been over a week and they have not responded (They did get the email, because an automated email was sent back to me).

I cannot in good conscience publish this API at the moment, despite that I would very much like to add it to my CV, as it represents the only recent work I have done.

What do I do? Is there a place I can file a report for this kind of thing? A CVE seems a bit too harsh.

How can I get them to deal with this, while staying legally protected?

Any advice on this matter would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Excuse me can I take a moment of your time?

thank you
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Python 3.x library request, boosts appreciated 

It's difficult looking for remote work when your specialities are in C and assembly (and systems-level programming) and you don't live in the United States.

Currently working on archiving my other and previously main mastodon account. Last time mastodon-archive crashed so hopefully adding --pace will fix that.

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"Every platform dies off some day. Geocities, LiveJournal, now Yahoo Groups. One day, Medium, Twitter, and even hosting services like GitHub Pages will be plundered then discarded when they can no longer grow or cannot find a working business model"


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