It's difficult looking for remote work when your specialities are in C and assembly (and systems-level programming) and you don't live in the United States.

Currently working on archiving my other and previously main mastodon account. Last time mastodon-archive crashed so hopefully adding --pace will fix that.

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"Every platform dies off some day. Geocities, LiveJournal, now Yahoo Groups. One day, Medium, Twitter, and even hosting services like GitHub Pages will be plundered then discarded when they can no longer grow or cannot find a working business model"

I can understand something like "oh, the http/websocket req failed, let's do a backup run over websockets/http" but uhhh not at the same time getting the same data! Dear god WHY

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It looks like not only does it request the messages over http but ALSO over websockets... Why.... Why the fuck would you do both...

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Ok so 90% of the Lex App messaging crap goes over websockets, which mitmproxy doesn't have complete support for. So I'll add that to the long term TODO list, atm I have some hacky unpleasant script that jacks in to mitmdump and scrapes the websocket data, kinda frustrating tho tbh

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sudden flashback to when I was 13 and got into programming properly and saw a tinkernut tutorial on "how to write an os" and was like!!!! imma do that!!!!

bonus: I forgot to mention that I switched from gluing magic binary strings together to python's protobuf-pure and spent two hours writing test code to ensure I did, in fact, encode all the fields right. The nice thing about this being reverse engineered is I can just plug in real world values to check whether it works rather than having to come up with values.

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might actually use chatkit's python library for that, hm

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Ok well the lex app client lib is going extremely smooth. I struggled a bit with protobuf but it's all fixed and I've got the login flow done. Now it's just writing functions to do shit on the json we get back from chatkit I think

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Hanging up pronoun pins by my window to keep gamers out, like they're vampires and I'm hanging up garlic.

also, yes it is 4am. (ha, 4:20 here). No I do not want sleep.

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The nice thing is that mitm'ing apps is basically now just opening my notes file and reciting the incantations so things work. If anyone wants some instructions on it I'd be more than happy to write up my notes into a post.

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Ok, so I've been spending some time reverse engineering the phone-only dating app Lex, to write a client for it. I posted about this before but the server was reset.

It's been going well, I got a good batch of initial data recorded, and I've spent the last day and half parsing through that and writing a python client. Aside from the API only working when I use protobuf (no json? sigh), things have been going slow but well!

Now I've hit a snag. My requests won't go through without a HTTP header "X-Goog-Spatula", I can only find references to this, but there does not seem to be any documentation on it whatsoever.

It's a protobuf structure, with the name of the app and some miscellaneous data that I on some level recognise, but haven't had any success into decoding into something meaningful, I'm worried it's some crypto stuff that I won't be able to replicate. Downside is my requests have now failed across the board, so I need to go back and record more. If the X-Goog-Spatula has changed, hopefully that'll give more info on what it is, and if it hasn't, hopefully something else has and that is hopefully replicable. The app still works, so my account hasn't been cut off, which is good.

If you have any info about this? or want to dm me with suggestions?? please go for it :)

it was just writing a README, adding some TODO notes, fixing the build system and a couple of lines of python to make something take arguments

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I pushed out some small bits of work on projects and I forgot how fucking lovely and satisfying programming is

Trent Reznor's "Capital G" still stands up as one of the best understanding of rich politician thought in media. Specifically:

""""I'm sick of hearing about the have's, and the have not's, have some personal, accountability
The biggest problem with the way that we've been doing things is: The more we let you have, the less that I'll be keeping for me""""

""""Don't give a shit, about the temperature in Guatemala, don't really see what all the fuss is about. Ain't gonna worry about no future generations and uh, I'm sure somebody gonna figure it out. Don't try to tell me how some power can corrupt a person, you haven't had enough to know what it's like. You're only angry cause you wish you were in my position, now nod your head because you know that I'm right, alright!""""

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