1627319844540 — linear/julian/eyefish/cylinder at 2.4160e+7 iterations; 85.5,35.2,168.9 background.

1627306311651 — julian/popcorn/cross at 1.6500e+5 iterations, 27.6,47.7,287.8 background.

No longer doing Instagram links, they've broken Creator Studio for me, for some reason I can't post with it anymore. Had to rewrite this like four times. Truly the worst platform (that isn't Facebook itself).

Introductions (selfie; eye contact) 

Lol anyway, thank you for reading my Ted Talk; follow if you want more incredibly cringe-y, late night introspection, though I don't actually play videogames anymore so don't expect me to post much about those. 😅

Oh I also make and build fancy things in JavaScript for newsmedia in London, UK; my background's in journalism but I pretty much exclusively write code instead of prose. I promise I won't post anything media- or politics-related here, though; that's what birbsite's for (though I might boost some stuff in that vein on occasion 💚).

I identify as nonbinary transfemme and use "they" pronouns. Please feel free to boost any of my stuff, I don't mind!


🐦: twitter.com/aendra
🐙: github.com/aendrew
🔈: soundcloud.com/aendra
🌍: aendra.com

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1627319707141 — linear/julian/cylinder at 5.0810e+7 iterations, 46.3,63.8,10.1 background.

Starting to play with saturation and hue shift a bit more...

IG: instagram.com/p/CR2Y0l3CVpm/

1627320071342 — linear/julian/eyefish/cylinder at 4.9850e+6 iterations, 118.8,100.0,100.0 background.

For the background I generally sample a dominant colour and find an inverse by flipping around the colour triangle in GIMP. It came out a particuarly eye-gouging green this time and I kinda love it as a compliment to Work 1626826780000.

IG: instagram.com/p/CRzczyqIqWY/

1595374620000 — Unknown at unknown iteration (this is literally the first one I ever did so hadn't started recording my process at all), 242.8,100.0,51.0 background.

IG: instagram.com/p/CRya4gfIRQN/


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