I wish I had the skills to animate this. It feels like it yearns to move.

@_cr0_tab uh... I guess I gotta do something with that now?

@thegibson the letters are just kinda placeholders, I should pick something with more significance.

@_cr0_tab @thegibson any chance I could get that printed on a large cloth or handkerchief? 👀

@_cr0_tab @TheGibson the bottom-left Omega symbol could be modified into a tiny Telecomix symbol for a tiny bit of extra meaning for the initiated. (:=~~~

@drwho @rysiek @_cr0_tab

A telecomix logo, a cow skull, a dumpster on fire, and a 2600 bell

@drwho @rysiek @_cr0_tab

That kind of claims from many one.

Which is about the best thing we could possibly be known for.

@drwho @rysiek @_cr0_tab

Not a dumpsterfire though… there got to be another better one.

@thegibson @rysiek @_cr0_tab What did Phrack's logo used to be?

Or a Guy Fawkes mask?

@TheGibson @_cr0_tab @drwho correct Telecomix logo (the one you tooted is probably OpSyria or one of the other Telecomix operations)

@rysiek @_cr0_tab @drwho

Anyhow, I think this gives us a good representation of what we are... people from all these previous groups, and the Hacker slider logo for the unaffiliated.

@thegibson @_cr0_tab @rysiek I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down...

Maybe the LoD globe/telephone handset/sword sigil from the t-shirt?

@_cr0_tab @drwho @rysiek

I would just salvage the cracked bell from the one, also, I think that even the cow skull icon they use is appropriate as well if the ascii doesn’t have enough weight.

@thegibson @_cr0_tab @rysiek If need be, I can take a photograph of my staff, which would be suitable for photo manipulation.

This is how humans win over aliens in all the best stories.

@_cr0_tab @thegibson 🤩​These just keep getting better and better.

Do we have a repository somewhere for these? Seems like they just disappear into the ether.

@lordbowlich @_cr0_tab I have them all, but not public.

I should throw them on the gitea

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