JSTOR. Ah yes. JSTOR. The single largest aggregator of other people's journals, putting the lot behind paywalls. Charging insane prices per article. That JSTOR.

Getting kudos for making 6000 ebooks and 150 journals free until June. 6k ebooks out of 70k. 150 journals out of 2.6k.

Good, a small fragment of critical human knowledge is briefly publicly available, kindly provided by the ones who crippled that knowledge away from the majority of the population in the first place. Grab it while you can. We may never see this without expensive access fees again.

@Wetdryvac uhhh, scihub? not exactly legal but it is accessible

@Wetdryvac let's be happy that it's available, and express that happiness by immediately copying it over to SciHub and LibGen.

@Wetdryvac email the authors of whatever journal you want and ask them for a pdf, they'll usually give it to you for free because fuck JSTOR

@exo That may be true for some fields, but in humanities and social sciences you can never rely on that. There is stuff I've requested two or three years ago and got no response ever.

@hhardy01 Copyright was meant for encouraging creation via time-limited exclusive royalties for the author. Science is not funded thru royalties from research papers, but tax or charity money--a good chunk of which is lost to middlemen who become more futile every other day. Thus circumventing these is ethical.

@exo @hhardy01 Things like JSTOR is only "useful" because the broken system of banditry that's in place to suck free money out of scientific institutions.

Once you can access stuff via proper Open Access or other means they become so futile you never encounter them. As someone who's been chasing papers online for years, I've made zero use of JSTOR besides grabbing the DOI when I encounter it.

@Wetdryvac burn JSTOR to the ground. Justice for Aaron.

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