Does anyone here have Nebula or Curiosity Stream?

Is it worth it? what do you watch?


@Ventronik it's my 2nd year subscribing now. I've mostly watched same people on nebula that I would watch on YouTube.

I've yet to watch a single curiosity stream thing.

Wether it is worth depends how much money they subscription is for you.

@Ventronik I had both briefly. CS is good ol' documentaries, which I personally don't really like v much as a genre, and Nebula is mostly the same folk on YouTube but w/o ads (not all of them remove sponsor bits tho), plus no RSS. I waited for a few months for them to add RSS support, which they keep promising they'll do.

Also no radical content besides some white left.

My personal opinion is I'd rather fund small creators directly, to my ability, rather than platforms, so I gave up on Nebula.


I have it. I rarely use it. Nebula is cool and I like it more than Youtube in theory, to watch certain Youtubers, but I forget to check it. I may benefit from it on my Roku or some kind of thing that says "Hey, watch Nebula!"

CuriosityStream So far all I saw were low quality documentaries, the kind that the History channel used to have back when it showed History, but even lower quality. Maybe it's improved?

@Ventronik Yes, have both as a bundle since last April. Not sure if I'll renew or not.

Curiosity Stream documentaries don't really interest me, they're too much like broadcast TV (which I don't have) where you can't really trust an unknown team's take on a subject.

Nebular is better. I've found a few interesting videos I probably wouldn't have found on YouTube. Since I don't watch YT ads (yt-dlp) it at least spreads a little bit of funding around beyond the couple of YT channels I Patreonise.

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