Is there a reason I don't see boosts in Local TL?

@KungFuChickenNoodle I see it in notifications. But if someone from h.t boosts a post of someone not at h.t it will show up in "Home" but not in "Local"

@Ventronik Because that's not what the local timeline is.
A boosts shows in 'your' timeline, so peeps that follow you see what you boost.

This is (I imagine) so 'outside' peeps don't clutter the inner timeline via boosts.


Seems odd, what is the best way to share something locally then?

Hmm :blobcatscience:

That would be harder... But to stay relevant AND in the philosophy of this system I would say:

Comment on it (in an original/new toot) and link the toot.

That way it's a real toot from you (aka the comment) and the context (link).

@Ventronik Yes.

~Tough I can see how it's less satisfactory than a boost.

@Ventronik But on the other hand, a profile avatar and the hyandle/instance are viewable in the preview... so peeps can kinda see what they get into.

Like, so if I would boost something radically not htown like, it won't pollute the peacefulness of the town ;)

@Mnemonic I just wish I had other boost options. Like, boost to local, or boost with cw.

@Ventronik Yes.. though after having thought, because of this, a bit about it...
I can't come up 1,2,3 with a nice integrated system concept for that..

But that's me :p I mean, I do think it's a good idea as idea, something worth trying to kick higher up the chain (if it isn't already). A 'use case' (as in, how would it work) would be a goos start before kicking it up ;)


It really is. Also it kind of against the spirit of not recontextualizing people's posts. It seems like it would encourage the behavior.

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