I am curious what everyone's thoughts on Lemmy are.

@Ventronik I quite like it so far.

Of course, new and small communities are always easier to deal with. How it evolves will be the real trick.

@Ventronik I think it's an interesting idea but i think

1. It will probably face the same problem as the rest of the fediverse which is discoverability.

2. Do we really need it...i can share links on Pleroma/Mastodon but on the other hand i somewhat understand the want to replace reddit so...

@mgrondin @Ventronik I haven't really used it yet. There was another link ActivityPub link aggregator (Prismo?) that stopped development. I can see the advantage of a link aggregator that's federated. You can see what's voted up/down and not stare at a timeline.

@Ventronik Good voice, good lyrics. Not down with the nazi paraphenalia fetish. Seemed nice enough in interviews and anecdotes.

@Ventronik I'm not against trying new things and seeing how it goes.

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