Yes, Linux runs on more devices than any other OS and yes, I assume his gender.

So I says, "Volunteerism is socialism. Libertarians encourage volunteerism. When the government forces you to give the individual's freedom of choice and, means of production away it is communism"
Then this fella says to me, "Volunteerism is a decision an individual makes. Socialism is a collective decision big difference."
So I says back to him, "You can freely volunteer as a collective. Have you ever heard of Linux?"
No answer.

A secretive girl heard the calls of his friends on a shining blue surface

@SporkyDorky but for reals, it's a good DEFCON talk about security vulnerabilities in teledildonics.

It's that time again! A new podcast episode!

Fireside chat with @TheGibson

This one was a lot of fun, and we definitely heaped a bunch of praise about the fediverse on this one, amongst other things.


Friendly reminder that your DMs and "followers only" posts are all visible to your instance administrator, who (in addition to their hosting provider) can be compelled with a warrant to disclose the contents to law enforcement.

If you want to organize political protests or engage in activities that law enforcement would take an interest in, fediverse servers are not the right place to do that.

Banning cop/law enforcement accounts literally does nothing to help you, just FYI.

While you were studying the blade I quickly skimmed over it in the text book and oh God I'm gunna fail this class plz let me copy your answers!!

did a thing that may have been a bad idea, about to do a thing that might be a worse idea

spoilers for Tron: Legacy 

A willful spirit in play.

Present at key generational history.

An angel of love.

HEY wizards (my name 4 my subscriberz) make sure to like this post, follow me, and ring that bell for more wizard posts

BlackFire Security will be offering a greatly reduced price for Vulnerability Analysis next week. The special will run for two weeks.

Enquire at if you or your organization is interested. We will fit your budget.

Dear friends, I am in need of employment. I have several years of IT and Programming experience, looking for cyber security roles ideally, but also open to Sysadmin, Dev, and other tech roles.

The Customer is often wrong:

How I cyber like IDGAF, and you should too.

Does anyone know a documented successful side channel attack in production? I can't seem to find any.

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