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It is extremely bland, but I have hugo set up and can now publish sites easily.

I am making even more soup
Soup is the powerhouse of the SinaCutie
Nobody can stop me now
I will code until my fingers are numb

(That last line is not literal)

sometimes you have a problem and think "I know, I'll use regular expressions", and now you've rolled it out worldwide and the CPUs are spiking everywhere and the internet is on fire oh god oh no

The pixelfed is being shut down permanetly.

It is not going in a direction I desire, and I find it extremely inconvenient to use.

Now that everyone is excited to learn #arabic in #duolingo, please remember that there's this excellent free audio course of Egyptian Arabic by @languagetransfer

Although it doesn't teach you writing, I so much prefer the approach of Language Transfer over Duolingo. Give it a try!

@fedilab Is there a way to disable the 'translate' button on individual posts?

Fedilab's UI is too busy.

I want to remove the fedilab and translate buttons. :/

Setting it to 'compact' mode gets rid of the fedilab button but 'translate' still shows on individual posts. :/


btrfs implements RAID by copying chunks n times across all the drives it knows about, right? It doesn't do block level mirroring like mdadm does, right?

So. By that logic, it shouldn't really matter if the drives in the btrfs array weren't exactly the same size (let's say two 6TB and two 4TB drives) because btrfs would know where there was room to copy a chunk, right?

I'm probably being hopeful here.

MIX_ENV=prod mix pleroma.relay follow to sign off before I stuff you.

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