@craigmaloney The only perk I'll miss is the ubuntu email address, but honestly, these days I don't really wanna be associated with Ubuntu in the capacity I was previously. XD

Removing window decorations so you don't accidentally press the x on the wrong terminal -- I'm so glad I can do this.

In retrospect, I should have started this job in a screen session, so I wouldn't have to worry. :blobgrimace:

Another reminder: If you follow any of my old accounts, you can safely unfollow -- they are dead.

The only two I use are this one, and @SinaCutie

After ten years, I have decided to delete my Ubuntu account and let my membership expire.

It was a good run, but that time has long passed.

to those having issues with the fediverse 

to those having issues with the fediverse 

to those having issues with the fediverse 

I thought I recognized Osanai's voice. That's Koichi Yamadera, who I know as the voice of Togusa from Ghost In The Shell.



Okay so the developers watch in on some games sometimes, in The Blackout Club, and I was looking for the Shape... and they sent a message, "Little Cutie will be taken down below."

This is a horror game and that made it even scarier. :')

@remotenemesis I am in the middle of playing a game with my partner and a friend.

@clarjon1 Oh no, sounds like it's time for some [ aggressive touching ]

@devnull At one point i had a list of things that I wanted to do, but I have misplaced it.

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