Having to reset PC because Windows won't log into things.

Windows updates are trash. Worse and worse each time.

2.50 and I'm awake. Time for coffee.

I do not feel like I'm wasting away anymore, at least.

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I have had such little motivation for programming in the last few weeks, and it makes me rather sad.

Welp, looks like I might be setting up my own self-hosted pleroma again after all. The one I moved to seems to have connection problems at the moment ;~;

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I want to move off this subdomain, so I will be deprecating this account.

I have an account on @SiinaCutie that will serve as my primary account until I figure out where I am going with self-hosting.

It's that time where I am desperately looking for programming work again.

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I'm about to go back to my day job from my lunch break, but before I do I want to announce a little tool called #blueshift.

It's a lightweight partial replacement for #redshift implemented in POSIX #shell that uses #sct by Ted Unangst to control your display's color temperature based on the time.

It's available on #Sourcehut at <git.sr.ht/~demifiend/blueshift> under a 2-clause #BSD license.

You can run it in ~/.xsession, as a cron job, or in /etc/apm/resume.


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what is an adversarial testcase? it’s a testcase that intentionally tries to violate a security claim. you use refute instead of assert (or perhaps assert !whatever.

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computer UI hot take 

I really hate it when companies IP block you for 24h when you get your password wrong.

I was on the wrong keyboard layout and of course that makes things wonky.

As mentioned previously, my Matrix homeserver was deprecated.

Today, it is being shut down.

Looking at how Keybase forced Stellar wallets on everybody, and it seems that you *cannot* delete it from your profile.

They forced something upon its users, and made it mandatory. That completely blows any shred of "identity confirmation" they were wanting to do, out of the water.

What's next? Other companies buying a spot to send you ads and other unwanted junk?

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Today I learned that THOTCON is a hacker meetup and not... well... yeah.

I friend mentioned to me that they missed MUDs and MUSHes but didn't really have the time to seek out and play them anymore.

When I told them I was working on a sorta hybrid "idle rpg" and MUD for our community chat ... seeing his eyes light up and hear the excitement in his voice ... made me feel like learning to program all those many years ago, was worth it.

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