@​​​​​gemlog @​​​​​Gargron I absolutely don't want to be converted to/from a `str`

Once upon a time, the creature walked mercilessly across the river. "Holy unilateral mortality re-iteration drivers!", they exclaimed.

Usually my partner can't sneak up on me.

Yesterday was an exception, I guess.

They were messing with me while I was streaming D:<


Once upon a time, she gamboled clumsily beside the moor and restored the spaceship. "Holy cancerous parallel control results!", they exclaimed.

Once again, thanks for being here with me - with us!

looks like a scare tactic if you're not conspicuous, ofc!

just.. don't... break the combo, town, but this one so much! :big_mood:​

Someone pointed out in a DM that my pirate smiley is off-center and crooked.

That's... the point. There is nothing straight or lined up about me. :^)

Unless of course you need to do that in the back.

I feel like there's a very specific song version (that I can't calculate UTC conversions or something)

Inquiries have conclusively shown that the current nuclear fallout is due to technical mobility disassembly, and it has been determined that the primary PC monitor easier to use.

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