I really haven't the slightest what I'm doing when it comes to Blender, so I'm rather pleased with this. It only took an entire day.

When on earth did it get that high? It's usually harassing me because it's at 1%.

I thought a solar powered keyboard would be cool. I didn't stop to consider that my light sensitivity might get worse and I'd be living in a dark cave. And Logitech didn't deign to include an alternate charging method.

Trying to figure out why this router is cheaper than the other one. Comparing specs side by side, line by line. Finally I come to the obvious.

There's no LAN port.

It was staring me in the face all along.

I think my router is dying.

The internet is down _and_ the router is too busy to display the admin page? This isn't the first time this has happened either.

Either it's dying or it's been co-opted by a botnet.

Somehow I seem to have lost three of the four bins that come in this set. Very annoying as I want to put a couple on the wall next to the bed for all the junk that keeps accumulating in the corner of the bed.

Found more on eBay thankfully.

I seem to be on a "Improve my living space" kick these days.

Stumbled onto this .... scanning or what have you, of my web server, quite by accident. I went to troubleshoot something unrelated and saw all the requests scrolling by in the logs.

Doesn't look like they found anything. No 200 responses for any request by that IP. The reason everything is 301 and not 404 is that they were making HTTP requests and I redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS. Apparently they didn't bother to follow any of those redirects.

I picked one of those URLs at random and searched my historical logs. In the past 10 days or so, over 20 different IPs have attempted to access the same non-existent URL.


More digging is needed to make sure things are secure, but the first pass looks OK.

There's still a lot of little stuff to fix, but I did a lot of hacking at the Hackers.town CSS tonight. It looks a lot more like it used to.


I changed the format of the file, starting with v1.3 (current) it is a plain CSS file. If you want to use it with Stylus/Stylish you can create a new style or edit an existing one and just paste the contents in. It is no longer an export.

This means @thegibson should be able to just drop it straight into custom.css 😉 (I mean, if he wants)

I hate rainy days. Not up to anything but hiding from consciousness via sleep.

That sharp drop in the barometric pressure? That's why.

✅ Video is go
✅ Audio is go
✅ Hashtags are on the clipboard
✅ Refreshments standing by

All set for with

"You're on a MUD? What's it like?"

"Oh, you know, the usual. A never ending war to keep the HTTP proxy requests from spamming the admins to death."

It is up! The flying screen is done. Well, the cable that runs across the floor to the computer needs to be replaced, it's only three or four times too long. But it all works! (I'm using it now)

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