The plan was to have the duper image DVDs and do the transcoding later on something with a bit more horsepower (I think the duper is 500MHz, and it has three drives, transcoding three DVDs at once.... ouch).

Unfortunately, when I ran a disc through the process to test, after a sufficient amount of time .... there was no ISO in the folder. No idea why. So DD is running *again*, manually this time, and with a little more logging. Maybe I'll figure out why it failed. If it succeeds, uh, I guess I put in some logic to check for an ISO when it's done, so it can move unimaged discs to the fail pile instead of the output spindle.

Why did it succeed? Something random? Or because I was running it in the foreground? Did it consume too much of some resource while in the background and get killed? How would I figure that out?

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