Trying to set up Firefox on this new Raspi, and it keeps crashing.

Turns out that as my profile syncs all my extensions over, the version of one of them that's on the mozilla addon site requires a newer version of Firefox than is available and it all blows up.

So now I'm copying my whole profile off my other Linux box in the hope that it all Just Works...

@SetecAstronomy You can configure the sync to ignore extensions. I do that for the Pinephone.

@socketwench I'd like this extension on there, I just apparently need an older version of it. One that only exists in a profile on one of my other machines.

But if this fails, that's really good to know, as I'd definitely want the rest of the profile.

@SetecAstronomy If you disable syncing for extensions, you can install the version-appropriate extension locally if it's available. It won't sync up and corrupt your other devices.

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