selfie, ec 

felt cute, might paste boards later (when the solder paste has warmed up a bit)

naked electronics 

and here's the boards

it was made in a bit of a rush so i unfortunately forgot to put on some silly silkscreen...

protip: get one of those solder paste squeegees from aliexpress. this is my first try and it's perfect (for my standards). it's a world of a difference compared to an old credit/plastic card.

placing is done \o/

will bake now and then test if they spark joy (or smoke)

i love that my last notes on the oven usage guide is "ya fixed it" and two lines of code to paste in the REPL.

because it's been so long since i last used it that i forgot how to use it over the micropython REPL.


@ln I wish more of my projects were left with documentation on how the environment worked.

I can see myself a month from now trying to figure out what in the heck REPL was called so I can figure out how to figure out how to use it. Especially since I just went through that whole process yesterday >_>

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