Absolutely cannot get Space Engineers to work with Steam Proton. The SE community says it's not that hard. Apparently I've managed to make it that hard.

I gave up and decided to install a second HDD with Windows (why not a partition? Reasons.). Except that I misplaced my Win7 DVD. Can't burn a new one, it's dual-layer and I don't have any DL discs. After much hassle I located a thumb drive, but now I find the installer lacks the drivers for my HDD controller. I've burned countless CDs with different drivers on them attempting to fix this (it doesn't see the USB either, *sigh*) but everything is either not recognized as a valid driver or the installer fails to load it with a message that I should get an updated version.

I've been trying for a week to get this game to run and all I have to show for it are endless amounts of frustration and despair.

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