Thinking about how all the various tech/resource collection games are just turning real world resources into virtual.

Ultimately it all started out as power and time before being converted to CPU cycles and bits in RAM.

Glad this thought isn't sucking the enjoyment out of it. But at the same time, I'm a little more conscious that this massive virtual factory has a real world impact.


> real world impact

I keep hoping there's some positive version of this impact that can be located eventually

@solder_on I've found several people like myself, who just can't quite make society's idea of a productive citizen, but can still find something satisfying to do with games like this. I can only read so much before I want to accomplish something. Play around with something. Poke cool things and see what they do. I can't do that in the real world anymore, but there's several games where I still can.


> I can only read so much before I want to accomplish something.

I don't really have a ceiling on that, and seeing as all attempted accomplishments have failed on my part, I should probably just keep reading 🤣

cool things are for cool people; I know what I am, and it ain't cool people


> cool things are for cool people

Ha! I certainly don't play anything the popular kids call cool. My games are about using and abusing technology in fun ways to accomplish goals. Ask me to shoot at something, or solve some crazy puzzle and I'm hopeless.

I want to build things. Preferably things that interact with other things.


> the popular kids call cool

tech is arguably the new cool, but ok

> I want to build things

same. but, alas, I am an agent of pure destruction and defilement, and not great at it either 🤷

wish u well with it tho 😁

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