This started as a joke. I told @ella_kane that when I reassembled electronics, I took the "extra parts" that are invariably left over and framed them.

So here are a couple of bits from my now deceased phone. An old deactivated nano-SIM card, and the annoying plastic latch that broke off the video connector. They're hanging on the door in the lab.

I bought a whole pack of those little cardboard frames, so I'll be putting up more bits and pieces as they catch my eye.

I found them on Amazon. I can get you a link later if you're interested.

@sungo Here you go:

Note that the mini clothes pins that came with mine were painted in a variety of colors (the product page shows unfinished wood). I passed them off to someone crafty, so it didn't really matter to me.

@SetecAstronomy @ella_kane I... Really like this? I have the cpu out of my last computer sat under a pile on my desk, this seems like a much better idea!

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