Anyone else here read "The Cuckoo's Egg" by Cliff Stoll? I think it had an effect on me, reading it quite young. It probably planted the seeds that ultimately led me here.

I packing my very battered copy and seriously regretting not picking up a new one when I had the chance.

@Catpult Yes. I think I would have had far less interest in Linux beyond "Oh that's neat" without it. I still catch myself trying to type the `ps` incantation from the book every now and then.

@SetecAstronomy I have. I first read it in Reader's Digest when I was a kid, then grabbed the first used copy for sale at the local library I could find.

I really enjoy that book. It was very formative.

@drwho I'm looking forward to re-reading it (again). It's been some years now.

@SetecAstronomy - An excellent early examination of the power of networks and the moral and philosophical issues we still deal with online today. Cliff was a kick in person, too.

@Boombachicken Wanted to be an astronomer, and ended up being an infosec geek like us 😀

@SetecAstronomy The Cuchoo's Egg was a great book, lots of good reads out there. Such as...

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