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Now they're calling adblockers "content blockers". Moving the goalposts much?

"Never cheer for a corporate merger, they help about 100 people and hurt thousands."

It's worth reading this post by a show creator getting screwed by the current WB/Discovery/HBOMax situation, even if you aren't otherwise interested in or affected by what's going on.

Do #blender resources and tutorials even exist that are articles, rather than YouTube videos? I have considerable difficulty absorbing information from the latter.

Starting a band called Main Page. We will quickly become popular, since Wikipedia will have no choice but to include a disambiguation link to us at the top of its own homepage.

"Zero Cool crashed 1507 systems in one day, biggest crash in history, front page, New York Times, August 10, 1988."

You can celebrate this by checking out the hijinks which ensued when I introduced my wonderful spouse to 1995's "Hackers."


If I'm really slick and maintain careful nobody will know in in Washington, DC.

The intersection of tech and leftist politics is the printer hacking community btw

I can't think of a single piece of technology with more obscene corporate bullshit attached to it

Dark humor, famous fictional death 

It was always a little weird back in the day when they'd try to adapt the classics into computer games.

I fixed a typo in Disney's new TV series logo for them. They ought to be paying me for this stuff.


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@yearofands Hello!

In the years since this project I've sometimes found myself remembering the work you shared and wondering if you're sharing creative stuff elsewhere. Do you happen to have other work posted, or other social media one interested in your work might follow?

Best wishes!

*working from home, sitting at desk, tapping away at desktop and laptop PCs*

Ugh, these computers. I need a damn break from them.

*gets up from desk, sits in easy chair, starts tapping away at smartphone and tablet*

Back in 2019 when the thing du jour to do to fascists (in the UK anyway) was to throw a milkshake on them, I made some fun emoji to capture the activity (in 3 flavours!).

I was reminiscing on this design just now, I still really like it - it's simple, the milkshake flowing out the cup as it's flying looks very good and I feel removes the need for action lines, and the smiley face on the cup is a nice 'fuck you'.

(you can still download these for free from my site -

If you're like me (and I know I am) your day could really use some interesting electronic soundscapes right about now, which is why you might like to check out this neat album by a neat person I know.

RIP David Warner, such a loss to the acting world.

Here's a silly short he did which I like a lot.

Shoutout to everyone at , sorry I can't be there this time around. Be safe and sane, and tell each other I said hello.

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