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Someone who teaches others how to use Mastodon is a "tooter tutor". :mastodon:

I wrote a thread over on :birdsite:​ about the shape and history of big centralized social networking, whether it might be time for old attitudes about that sort of thing to return, and what Fedi has come to mean to me.

Since people keep doing this, please download this meme to reply to them with and it has alt text

My image of pronouns is a newly regenerated Dr. Who rummaging in a bin in the back of the TARDIS for an adequately styled coat.

Thing that is lovely: Seeing so many people obviously coming from a place/culture where accessibility is secondary, being so quick and willing and eager to adopt it here.

Thank you everyone who's been adding alt-text to their images. I know it's a hard habit to get into, but the blind community here will absolutely love you for it <3

Handy definitions for new users:

Mastodon: One particular social media server software. Lots of servers (called β€œinstances”) run it.

Fediverse: All the connected servers running Mastodon, PeerTube, Pleroma, etc., with their users talking to each other. One particular Mastodon instance among thousands. It’s the largest instance, but still just a regular one. It’s *part* of the Fediverse, like how Gmail is the biggest freestanding mailserver among many independent ones.

In the year 2000 I argued on national public radio that hacktivism was justified, and to be expected.

Many of you lost the way.

We are here not simply to destroy, but to be the midwife to a better future.

The future we were promised.

Destruction is not the goal, as fun as you may find it.

Yesterday at the comics shop I had what might be the biggest "oh, HONEY..." moment of our marriage so far when Gila picked up a figure of some random character and said "wow, they came up with a silly name for this one."

"...the Chrome Browser resembles a two-way mirror. You Think you are browsing the web... when in reality, Google and others are browsing you."

Leah Elliott's comic is the "ultimate guide to one of the world's most used surveillance tools", Google Chrome:

Original tweet :

Please activate your Linux installation.

Warning! You may be using a counterfeit version of Linux! Please activate your Linux product and update to the latest version of Linux.

This afternoon Gila and I saw a 70th-anniversary cinema screening of , one of our communal favorites, and it was definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

If you're one of the many out there who wish to market a line of rice wine but are stuck coming up with branding, here's what you do.

Choose four deities of wine and/or grain from various pantheons. Arrange them in a logo on your bottles' labels.

Your brand is "Four Gods Sake."

You're welcome.

Jen Bateman (until recently known as Jin WIcked) is an artist I admire a whole lot, and they have slashed prices on most of their work available for sale as part of closing one chapter of their personal journey and beginning another.

It's a good time to get hold of some cool stuff at closeout discounts, if you're into that sort of thing check it out at:

More info on Jen:

I don't know what else to post today, so here's a cute photo I took a while back of an adorable little cat playing in the snow.

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