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Reddit user elkatiuskas has compiled an extensive list of resources for those in need of and related services, for those in areas with limited access.

"Only in cinemas" during a pandemic is Hollywood's way of granting you complete moral justification to pirate their shit. πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

(This quip is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.)


I learned last night that abortion was defacto legal in the US for a long time before it was outlawed. It then became illegal because the newly founded American Medical Association was trying to legitimize their care as the "true science", and fought against mid-wives and herbalists. Part of that campaign resulted in a shift to outlaw abortion.

Good habit to get into for all the social media with which you interact, not just the high-traffic sites or accounts.

RT @angel_0f_deathx@twitter:
if someone posts a photo and specifically doesn’t include the location, don’t comment the location just to show off that you know where they live. think of people’s safety. a lot of us have a stalkers and people who hate us so much that they’d hurt us.

abortion, USPol 

Abortion is healthcare. The fact that the body I happen to have won't need one doesn't make access to it any less vital for others, including people I've known personally.

It is absolutely RAGE-inducing that I have to count none of my bodily organs being considered government property as a PRIVILEGE.

Waiting to get called out for saying "oh, it's not seriously raining here in Queens" on live radio last night. IT WASN'T YET I SWEAR 🚣

life in the US is like "ok we will be fine as long as no goats get in here" and before the sentence is said, a goat bleats loudly nearby

One of the greatest amusements of using your own email hosted on a system you control is when malware spam tries its darnedest to look like a warning originating from within your own stinkin' domain.

My latest silly hobby is dragging the progress bar around on video clips live to the beat of a drum machine. I call it the .

(Warning: glitchy and strobey audio/video.)

Siskel and Ebert were simultaneously a couple of the coolest dorky squares on television and a couple of the squarest, dorkiest cool guys on television.

I miss their show.

Celebrating the milestone of 300 follows on here with a "300"-themed doodle. Thanks for being interested, folks!

As he polished the old lamp, it shook violently. Suddenly, a genie appeared.
"You have freed me. You may wish for whatever you want."
"And you will grant it?"
"What? No. But I will listen to your wish, and I will not judge you."
"Huh. That's... just what I need."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

tech companies bad, gaming edition 

"Unity Workers Question Company Ethics As It Expands From Video Games to War"

There is some outrageous bullshittery going on at the Unity company.

I create special editions of books for charity auctions at conferences. The plague has shut down the cons, so I'm opening this to THE WHOLE DANGED INTERNET.

Only five copies of this edition of "FreeBSD Mastery: Jails" exist. Four are spoken for. Help human trafficking survivors start their lives over.

I'll be honest folks, the latest photos from the live-action are giving me surprisingly-warm feelings.

Here's hoping the production lives up to them.

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