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I recently had a very nice chat with the folks at the Vaguebooking podcast, and now it's available for public auditory insertion.

life goal: infiltrate some place by saying i'm a pentester and need access to inspect this office's pens

Just typo'ed a servername while reconnecting to an IRC channel, and accidentally put in libera dot net instead of the correct dot chat, and you wouldn't believe where I found myself: Back on Freenode. Who've apparently secured that domain, and are using it to try to trick people back on to their services.

Ars Technica ran an explanation of why Audacity's spyware isn't really spyware:

BS. The new privacy policy says they collect:

"Data necessary for law enforcement, litigation and authorities' requests (if any)"

Ars says:

> the odds are rather good that any given company will comply with legitimate law enforcement requests.

...but why would Audacity be collecting that information in the first place?

I. Don't. Want. My. Apps. Spying. On. Me.

Legit bummed about Audacity. I feel as though I've been betrayed by an old friend.

the university of milan has released over four hundred meows for non-commercial and research purposes (via

NXIVM mention (non-explicit, lulzy) 

During Gila's and my road trip to our wedding she was driving while I read the news to her from my phone.

This happened to be soon after the big NXIVM arrests and the resulting stories in the papers, so I ended up reading a big expose on the cult aloud while we made our way upstate.

And this, my dears, is why whenever that particular creepy sex cult trends or pops up in the news again my brain is wired to trigger happy thoughts and fond memories about marrying my delightful wife. :flan_flowers:​

a fan edit of the matrix films but every time neo jacks into the matrix it smash cuts into a different keanu movie right up until keanu's character walks through a doorway, at which point it smash cuts back to the matrix, resuming from the next time neo jacks out of the matrix

There's a fascinating-in-hindsight clip of actor Tom Wilson visiting Japan in pre-COVID 2019, and learning what the deal was with the medical face masks everyone was wearing and why they were wearing them.

6:18-7:09 in this video.

Birdsite just decided to start removing users' ability to sort tweets by "latest" (chronologically) on desktop instead of letting their crappy algorithm decide what users should and shouldn't be allowed to see from the people they're following, so now's as good a time as any to point all your tweety-bird friends to and get them started here on fedi.

on "I wish I could help with activism but my disabilities make it hard" (2/2) 

To my mind, the most urgently revolutionary thing people can do right now is to be kind. It implodes the whole capitalist framework of "rational self-interest", it dismantles the reward-punishment morality, it shows folk an alternative to life than the cycle of demeaning work and compensatory consumption. The same cycle is, very literally, burning the planet.

To paraphrase Srsly Wrong, we all have to deal not just with our trauma but with the echoes in our lives of collective historical trauma. When you show kindness to people, you create echoes of love which will reverberate in the same way.

The same goes to being kind to yourself, especially being kind to yourself about not being productive, including being productive with activist work. Activism can't be done capitalistically, we won't work-hard our way out of this.

Do things that feel good for you and others because they feel good, not because you earned it. If you hang out with friends, if you kiss gays in the park rather than working, you are the revolution.

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makes sense the local digital privacy group that only operated on Facebook is now defunct

i'm way into NFT right now...


People have all sorts of complaints about the weird and gross things one's body does as one gets older, but I got a massive blob of earwax out of my ear this morning and it was an entirely amazing and beautiful experience. I think I might be hearing the future with that ear now.

For any who might be unfamiliar with saving online videos:

* is a great app.

* is a fairly decent browser add-on.

* Add "pwn" to the beginning of a full YouTube address (making it "" etc.) to bring up a pageful of online ripping tools of varying usefulness pre-pointed at that video for you.

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John McAfee was a fraudster, a rapist, and a murderer. Eulogizing him with weasel words like "quirky" and "eccentric" is to dishonor his victims

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