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I'm still bitter that I could never afford a good video card for my MS-DOS PC after the prices were driven up by those damned CompuServeCurrency miners.

Before you smash those LIKE and SUBSCRIBE buttons, spare a thought for that poor maintenance worker at YouTube who has to repair those smashed buttons before the next viewer comes along.

I know there are some hitch-hikers around here who might appreciate this streaming celebration as much as I will.


I love this song by a bunch of Lego bots and its accompanying music video a lot.

"Beep" by Solid State

@Rob_T_Firefly This snack is so aggressively American that after you eat it you poop a baseball wrapped in guns.

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I'm not opposed to a nice bit of untethered snacking, in fact I've always had a pretty active sweet tooth, but I really want to know for taxonomy's sake where the line is between "trail mix" and "goddamn bag of candy."

Okay, retrocomputing nerds, it's your time to shine. Can you identify any of the equipment in this picture? Probably taken circa 79-80 in northern NJ. #retrocomputing

This is one of the noise-catchers at which I enjoy occasionally aiming my speak-hole.

operational security 

where do you point people for good opsec when you don't want to do the whole spiel with them?

I slight fed up to repeat the same thing over and over again, I would rather send peoiple something and then discuss with them what they learned

If you haven't taken a commuter flight since lockdown you might not know about some of the new changes made to the experience, such as the fact that airplanes now land by hitting the ground at speed and drilling deep beneath to reach your destination.

Having a brief layover in Detroit Metro Airport. Unfortunately I haven't got time to go over to 8 Mile with a marker and fix the sign so it says "8 Miles".

remember to wear a mask if you astral project

I was playing with the Pocket Paint app while my wife and her mom were watching "Law & Order" so these are officially my first-ever fingertip-onna-smartphone drawings.

I'm making something awesome: Here in my new office at RIT I'm making a tamagotchi that uses OpenCV to detect objects, you feed the tamagotchi and level it up by showing it objects its not seen before.

This is going to get crazy

It's weird that I never see any of this back to the office discussion talk about commute time, like that time just doesn't exist in people's minds.

gender, sexuality 

Questioning your gender and sexuality is always a good idea. Either what you already identify as is reinforced, or you realize that you're more comfortable with other terms. Either way, the result is knowing yourself better.


20 years ago Douglas Adams died. This made a lot of people very upset and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

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