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"I'd like to speak to a Mr Manuel Keming"

"Sorry, that's a misprint, my name is actually Manuel Kerning"

The workers in charge of Ever Given's next poo-tank maintenance cycle are in my thoughts and prayers.

what jerk called it "intellectual property" instead of the far superior "shit from brains"

I've been thinking a lot lately about this particular example of what it's like to have once worked for a crappy boss with a selective memory.

In case you're wondering how this particular Italian-American/Jewish mixed marriage is celebrating Passover, this is a matzoh pizza we had for lunch.

This is the most fun I've ever had playing a licensed tie-in mobile game. A really fun, clever, and well-made little story one experiences from the first-person. :flan_awe:​

Big IP holders so rarely get it this right these days. As a Who dork I'm so relieved this didn't turn out to be yet another miserable "line up some thingies with other thingies (and buy some imaginary thingies with real money to do so)" type of mobile game, I freaking hate those.

"I Like That The Boat Is Stuck" by Sarah Gailey is a far nicer read than you might assume from the title.

user Luca Bonissi requested a 42 euro refund for an unused bundled Windows license. Lenovo refused and tried to Goliath him in court, he fought back and won a 20K judgement.

EC, vax achievement unlocked 

Second vaccine shot achieved by and I!
No side effects yet apart from a creeping feeling of relief.

Those of you out there who celebrate Passover surely have room in your head for one more YouTube sea shanty, and it's probably this one by . :blobcatpirate:​

RIP Harpo Marx, you would have loved the "Cartoon Planet" albums.

What if we put Mario's head on top of Mario's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

So many misguided people keep saying "Richard Stallman" when the correct name is actually "GNU/Toxic Piece of Shit."

haha remember when we used to pay by the minute to talk to each other and pay by the hour for the internet haha that sucked

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